WMS, ProMate 6


  • Benefits

    • Reclaim approximately 65% of the regeneration water from your water softener and use it to flush your toilets and/or urinals
    • The portion of the regeneration water with salt is automatically diverted to drain – an *optional brine reclaim feature is also available to capture the highest concentration of salt/brine water to be recycled and reused on the next regeneration of your water softener, providing additional water and salt savings
    • Water and Salt Savings on the front end and additional savings on the back end with lower sewer charges and less chloride discharged into the waste water plant = Twice The Savings
    • Built in Disinfection and Re-pressurization Systems – the holding tank maintains a chlorine residual with chlorine pellets and a pump makes sure there is adequate pressure to flush the toilets.
    • A built in water monitor allows for softened water to be added to the holding tank when the reclaimed water volume does not meet the flushing needs
  • Features

    • Simple but powerful electronics
    • Water Management System available with the PM6 and H125/H151 controls
    • Several delivery pump options to meet various flow rate needs
    • Additional Reclaim Opportunities for: 100% of the reject water from an RO, 100% of the water from a humidification system ex: AprilaireTM, 100% of your water from a dehumidification system, 100% of the condensation water from your furnace
    • Variable reserve automatically adjusts to your changing water usage
    • Full flow bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water softener
    • Back-lit display make it easy to read and alerts you of system malfunctions
    • Corrosion resistant control valve body and tanks for a longer life
    • All internal components are lead-free